Oktoberfest in Minecraft RTX

The challenge

Since the traditional Munich Oktoberfest cannot take place in 2020, NVIDIA came up with the fancy idea to organize the festival in Minecraft. Our task was to build an Oktoberfest map that would depict the beauty of the new RTX Minecraft version.

The realization

In the map there are a lot of sights. At the beginning we carefully studied the scheme of the Munich Theresienwiese and tried to apply it to Minecraft. Next, we looked for pictures of real Oktoberfest buildings and collected them in a document. We compiled a list with appropriate textures as well as new models.

While creating the map, we especially focused on using the new RTX features. For example, there are blocks with more depth and mirror blocks in which you can see yourself. After the completion of the texture pack, we started building the map. We did not only rebuild a lot of original buildings and create suitable Minecraft skins, but we also programmed quite a few minigames to make it all more entertaining.

The build

As mentioned above, the template for our map was the Munich Theresienwiese. We rebuilt many traditional buildings that you can usually visit during the real Oktoberfest. While doing so, we maintained the original shape of the location. In the slide show, we show you a few examples of recreated constructions.


In our Oktoberfest map, we are offering a lot of minigames. In some of them, you can gain points that enable you to unlock further activities. The players compete and try to excel the high-score of last year's overall winner. Take a look at some of our minigames in the following slide show.

Get and play the map

In case you want to play the map yourself, you can get it in the Minecraft Marketplace. Our map has been released on 29 September 2020. Its Marketplace title is "AMUSEMENT PARK – OKTOBERFEST".


NVIDIA GeForce Deutschland (https://www.nvidia.de/)


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