Hotel Manager

The Project – Hotel Manager

In Hotel Manager you get to rule over your very own hotel empire. The idea is to take the best elements out of roleplaying, classic tycoon games, and interior designing and combine them into one game.

Right off the start, you become the manager of the Grand Neptune – a luxurious hotel on a human-made island shaped like a palm in the middle of a tropical paradise. The hotel has been opened recently. But there still remains a lot to do. There are some suites that have not been renovated yet. You can purchase more rooms and furnish them from your own imagination. With each room your income increases. Take care of your guests directly, organize events, or just relax on the beachside.



You will not be forced to do something specific at any time. You can always choose from all different kinds of activities.

You may play Hotel Manager as a simulator game by trying to buy as many rooms as possible, expanding your empire, and successfully planning events. You will increase your income and become rich.

You can also get creative with furnishing rooms. You have access to a variety of different furniture pieces and may individualize them as you wish. Furnish bathrooms, bedrooms, or chillout areas – in up to five different color styles.

Or you can come to enjoy roleplaying alone or with your friends by exploring the world. There is something to discover in each spot. Your hotel guests are always open to having a chat with you. Do you like it fast? Then you can pick a supercar or a jetski from your area. Choose your favorite vehicle color and drive towards the sunset.

Furniture and Vehicles

There are over 30 individual furniture pieces on the map with a total of over 130 color variants. You can use several designer tools to place, rotate, color, copy, and remove furniture pieces. You can get everything from your very own designer in an underwater furniture store nearby.

You may get a jetski and a supercar with special animations as well. Both vehicles have five color styles that can be customized to personal preferences. The sports car is inspired by Lamborghini's Countach and Pegassi’s Torero. It has retractable headlights and spoilers and a functioning steering wheel.

The Map

The map includes the Grand Neptune Hotel and a huge palm-shaped island property.

There are hundreds of rooms in the hotel as well as dozens of suites. Each suite has its own specialties – having a grand roof terrace, underwater suites, or a royal suite on the very top of the hotel from which you can overlook the whole island location and the ocean. Furthermore, there is a restaurant with a huge aquarium, a big foyer with a water fountain, an indoor swimming pool, and a private office area with a high-tech security system and a safe to store your money.

Outside, you find a parking lot, two big swimming pools, and two tennis courts. The palm island offers fantastic beaches, a beach bar, two small jetskis, and yacht docks, and a huge road system that calls for a nightly ride with your supercar.

The Skins

With the 14 skins included in the product, the player can choose and set up their own character. For example, you may play as a serious manager in a suit, a neat tourist, or a sunburned muscleman.

Furthermore, you can meet all kinds of NPCs around the world. There are hotel employees and guests who can be interacted with.