High School Life

The project

It was our aim to create a school environment that includes the most striking school activities and enables the player to slip into the corresponding roles. Besides the big high school with a gym and a lot of individually designed classrooms, there are outdoor sports facilities, a lunchroom, and a playground. Moreover, you can explore the neighborhood which offers further attractions.

There are suitable vehicles as well as specially created player skins. The furniture offers multiple opportunities for all sorts of buildings. There are plain tools to rotate, duplicate, color, and delete objects. All pieces of furniture and all vehicles may have five different colors, which offers a bigger variety. Newly created block textures complete the overall picture.

The creative Process

To meet the topic accurately, we made an inspirational moodboard. It contained several American family houses and high schools as well as their ground plans. This way, we could achieve quite a realistic room planning for the school building. We shaped many little parts of our high school and finally joined them together like in a jigsaw puzzle.

Only then, we started drawing the ground plan of the whole map. It was essential to put the high school in the center. When placing the different elements around it, we especially considered their impact on the player's experience. Thus, a map has been generated that connects the presentation of typical high school features with the happy living together beyond school.

3D Models

In addition to the creation of buildings, streets, and other areas, we have been concerned with the making of fitting 3D models. Only this way it was possible to design the school rooms in such an affectionate and detailed manner.

The players may partly interact with the models. For instance, they are able to open the blackboard or modify the image of the world map. Some examples are to be seen in the following picture carousel:


To enable the player to feel like a student, teacher, headmaster, or bus driver, we designed 14 individual skins. Like this, the players are ready for any kind of activity around high school life.