Happy Family – Roleplay

The project: Happy Family – Roleplay

Our focus was on the idea to create a Happy Family scenario. Ilja developed a similar product already in 2018. Now we wanted to pick up the notion and broaden the concept. So we did not only build a little family house, but a great mansion with dozens of furnished rooms, a big garden, a neighborhood, and a forest with a holiday home. Moreover, there are vehicles as well as a fluffy cat and a frizzy pet dog.


Creative process

In the beginning, we produced a large concept. We compiled a mood board with matching houses in order to create a coherent atmosphere.

Before we started building in Minecraft, we designed a texture pack. We wanted to develop a style that is easy to understand and suitable for children. All newly used blocks have been adapted to the intended style conception.

Furthermore, we drafted an assembly plan for the map. Only after this, we built the individual assets. We started with the neighborhood houses to get a better grasp of the style. Then, at the end of the building process, we designed the eye-catcher, the big blue house.

Regarding the room layout, we took a closer look at real villas. The furniture was modeled in Blockbench and subsequently implemented in the converted Minecraft Bedrock world.

The furniture was first placed in the Bedrock version. This way it was easier to make everything fitting and to create a cozy atmosphere. As to the home furnishings, we developed tools you can use to rotate, paint, duplicate, and delete objects. The players also possess these tools in the ready game and may apply them to arrange their rooms.

12 January 2021