Daisy Daycare - Roleplay

The project: Daisy Daycare – Roleplay

Our focus was on the idea to create a happy setting that appeals especially to younger children. We built and furnished a big daycare house with many different rooms. There are three huge group rooms, each one based on a specific color. For example, there is a pink room where walls, carpet, and most of the toys are pink. Furthermore, there are several bathrooms, a gym, a sleeping room, a cuddle room, a painting room, and a dining room with a kitchen.

On the upper floor, you find a big fun room. You can, for instance, jump on the trampoline, do archery, play table tennis or jump and run as well as watch a movie in the daycare cinema.

Behind the house, you have a garden with lots of playing possibilities. Close to the house, there are two sandboxes. One of them includes a climbing path, the other one a wooden ship on which you can climb and play pirate games. Between the sandboxes, a petting zoo with llamas, sheep, chicken, and other animals is located. In the middle of the garden, a bobby car race has been built up. At the push of a button, you can start the race and find out who is the fastest.

At the end of the backyard, you will find two sports grounds. They are made for playing basketball and soccer but can be used for other activities as well. Next to the sports fields, a little garden has been planted where you can grow flowers and vegetables. If it is too hot, then you can dabble in the giant pool or just relax in the shadow of the treehouse.

The daycare area is framed by some dwellings with gardens. In front of the building, there is a bus station for the daycare bus. Moreover, there is a little forest land where you can do hiking. In the main building, you find numerous models which may be used for decoration purposes. Everywhere on the map, there are vehicles that can also be ridden.

Creation process

In the beginning, we devised a considerable concept including a mood board and we developed a special texture pack. We wanted to create a plain and children-friendly style. So we used the texture pack of one of our latest projects (Happy Family – Roleplay) as a basis. We see both products as part of the same Minecraft universe. We want them to represent a peaceful world of fun, toys, and interesting things to discover.

Besides the fitments, we have modeled some special toys. So there are, for example, a dollhouse, two bobby car designs, a rocking horse, building bricks, painting equipment, and much more. Each model exists in five different colors. For the placement of the furniture, we created tools you can use to turn, dye, duplicate, and delete things. The players have the tools at their disposal and can arrange the houses as they like.

During the development of the models, we started building the Minecraft map in the Java version of the game. We usually do it this way because in Java there are more utilities for building maps. First, we designed and furnished the neighborhood houses as well as the gardens. Then we planned and built the big daycare house. We also did the room layout in Java. The pieces of furniture were placed in the Bedrock version. Like that, we had better opportunities to match everything and to create a cozy atmosphere.

You can get the map on the Minecraft Marketplace now!