Advanced Dragons 2

The project - Advanced Dragons 2

Advanced Dragons 2 is a true enhancement of our first Advanced Dragons map. This second map has become even more spectacular than its forerunner.

But there are not only more dragons than in the first part. You also find various dungeons, a big castle, and several biomes of different kinds.

As a player, you can choose your personal goals. You decide on your own what you prefer doing. You want to fight yourself through dungeons and collect loot? You want to build your proper house, explore the huge world or test all the dragons in creative mode? It's totally up to you!

You can get the map on the Minecraft Marketplace now!

The ultimate dragons

There are 23 different dragon species many of which have been developed following players' wishes. Beside a sweet baby dragon and one that is constantly flying over the map, you find 21 complex types of dragons.

After having collected enough loot and money, you can buy a dragon egg. It has to be cracked and opened with a hammer. You can feed and tame the baby dragon in order to raise it. The tamed dragon follows you and helps you to fight dangerous orcs. You get a saddle to fly the dragon from the upgrade merchant. There are ten possible upgrades, for example two different armors, upgrades for speed, size and attack damage as well as one to spit more fire.

Additionally, you have five options to color your dragon. All in all, there are thousands of combinations to create your personal dragon. And if you don't want the dragon to follow you, you even have a tool to make it stay seated.

The map

The flying islands that you may remember from the first version of Advanced Dragons are still there. But they only hold a little part of the big map.

There are six different dungeons: Ice Dungeon, Volcano Dungeon, Swamp Dungeon, Lake Dungeon, Mine Dungeon and Cave Dungeon.

Our sound artist SpielmitStil has produced an awesome soundtrack that provides an amazing acoustic atmosphere when playing the map.

Creative Process

We put a lot of time in the planning of the map. We wanted to retain the original design but integrate new themes. The players should feel like in the same universe as before while at the same time perceiving a stylistic progress.

In the first part of Advanced Dragons the focus was on a Viking village. The second part, however, offers as main topic a medieval town with a big castle surrounded by various biomes.

The playability of the map is of utmost importance for us. That is why we paid special attention to building broad paths for the dragons. Our main objective was to find a perfect balance between playability and design.

The planning phase also involved a chart in which we recorded the sceneries, essential facts regarding the biomes and the respective moodboards. For the castle in the center, we drew detailed sketches before we started building them.