Minecraft Marketplace Help

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding our products on the Minecraft Marketplace.

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I am having issues with downloading or a map crashing while loading. What can I do?

If you have a problem with these topics, we can nearly never help you. Sometimes Minecraft itself has issues that we as mapmakers can’t influence. The best thing you can do is get in touch with Minecraft directly and ask for their support:


Before doing so, you can try some troubleshooting options:

  1. Open Minecraft. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Storage”. You will see “Cached Data”, “Worlds”, and “World Templates”.
  3. Look at these. Delete anything relating to the map in question.
  4. Try re-downloading the map.

If it didn’t change anything, you might try out the following:

  1. Re-start Minecraft.
  2. Check if you have sufficient storage on your device. (Not having enough space may result in a failing download.)
  3. If there is enough space, try rebooting your device.

If all these attempts have not worked for you, please contact Minecraft directly, describe your issue, and ask for help.  

Can I get your map for free and why does it cost money?

To be able to provide you with these maps, we have to pay our team members. We spend a lot of time working on our maps. We could never afford this amount of energy if we didn’t do it as a full-time job. We need the money that you pay to earn our livings.

I have a problem with one of the following topics: Minecoins, Accounts, Redeemed codes, Refund. Can you help me?

Sorry, but we don't have any possibilities to help you there. If you have questions about one of these categories, we encourage you to visit the Minecraft Marketplace FAQ page:

Minecraft Marketplace FAQs

How can I work with you on making awesome maps for the Marketplace?

If you think you'd be a good addition to our team, be sure to check out our career possibilities:


Please only apply if you have references and experience. In case you want to apply as a builder, feel free to join our Minecraft server (Server IP: pixelbiester.net). You can build plots there and rank up. 

Can my friends play on your map even if they did not buy it?

Yes, they can. If you bought our map, friends can join you via LAN and Xbox live. You can also set up a realm and upload this world to it so your friends can play it when you aren’t online.

Is it possible to use your add-ons or models (dragons, cars, furniture …) in my own world?

Due to the Minecraft Marketplace limitations it's not possible for any Minecraft partner to make this happen. Unfortunately, you can only use our models in the map provided.

However, we always try to build our maps in an infinite normal Vanilla Minecraft world so that you are able to leave the prebuilt spawn area and use the models in a normal Minecraft world.

If you do not find a reply to your specific issue, please explain your concern here or in an e-mail to feedback@pixelbiester.de!