With the Premium rank, you'll receive your own world on our server where you can invite other players. We provide you with a high-performance server equipped with all the essential building plugins.

How do I obtain the rank?

First, experience it yourself with a free 7-day trial period which you can start directly on the server without any additional setup.
To obtain the Premium rank after the trial period, simply subscribe to any Patreon membership.

Technically necessary for the Premium rank:

  •  A connection between Patreon and Discord
  •  A connection between our Minecraft server and Discord
Backrooms Monster

You will receive:

  •  A world with all possible customization options (time, weather, block physics ...)
  •  The ability to add builders and visitors to the world
  •  Unlimited world downloads
  •  Unlimited up- and downloading of schematics
  •  The choice between Public and Private mode



For any questions or issues, our support is available on our Discord. We strive to respond within a few hours.

Command Documentation


Specifications in Detail

  • You have your own private world where you can add as many Premium players as builders as you like. A maximum of two additional non-Premium players can be added as builders to the world.
  • You can add an unlimited number of visitors to a world. Additionally, world settings can be adjusted to allow all players to enter the world by default.
  • Unrestricted access to all mentioned building plugins
  • 60 Chunks Server Render Distance
  • 32 Chunks Simulation Distance
  • Maximum of 50 entities placeable per chunk
  • Maximum Brush Size: 500
  • Maximum possible Polygon Points: 50
  • Unlimited world download
  • Unlimited schematic up- and download (
  • The choice between Public and Private mode (Affects tab list and public chat on the Premium server)
  • World-specific Warp system
  • Player-specific Home system
  • Easy switching between multiple worlds
  • World backup every 15 minutes + Restoration Menu
  • Ability to freely change weather and time
  • Ability to adjust gamerules in your own world

 All specifications only apply to the Premium Server, accessible with /server Premium.