Minecraft Buildteam – Experienced and Professional!

In case you are in search of a minecraft buildteam you are bang on! Here on our website you have the possibility to hire our Pixelbiester buildteam.  

Why choose us?

With a rather big buildteam of 24 members we are able to create fabulous worlds according to your desires. Because we are very experienced in what we are doing we can bring your specific projects into life. Regarding creating maps our builders have a very large know-how, so they are able to build in multiple styles and variations. From sculptures through designing landscapes and up to creating large or small structures - there is always the right builder for your desires! You can find a more detailed overview of our building skills in our portfolio aswell as on our youtube channel.  

A cheaper alternative

If you are interessted in buying yourself a cheap minecraft map our shop chunkfactory.com simply is the perfect option for you! Here you can find almost all types of products. In our shop there is a wide repertoire of highquality minecraft maps for your server. The offering ranges from skywars maps through bedwars maps to survival games maps.  

Why not to use a free minecraft map?

Some minecraft buildteams create builds for free. Yet, as most of these teams are neither professionell nor trustworthy we highly discourage you from hiring these. You would not do your server any favour because you cannot rely on the mapcreators. Hiring us will infact cost you some money. Though for that you will recieve an individual and brandnew product. There is a reason most of the servers own maps with high value of recognition. If you want to provide your players with something recognizable we really advise you against picking a poorly designed map for your server network.  

Searching for a minecraft buildteam to build with?

If you are in search of a team in order to work on commissions with other builders you are welcome to apply here.