Vulkaneifel in Minecraft

The project

When Gerolsteiner contacted us, they had the wish to realize the Vulkaneifel region in Minecraft. The basic idea was to create a map involving three minigames related to Gerolsteiner water. We got plenty of visual material (videos and pictures) to have a better general understanding. We focused on the essential elements of the beautiful landscape, namely the maars, geysers, pumice and basalt deposits as well as lots of other natural phenomenons. We also included Eltz Castle, the town of Gerolstein, a little chapel, and the Gerolsteiner headquarter. Here you can get an overview of the map:

After we had built the map, it was famous German YouTuber Paluten’s task to play the minigames and create three videos. Paluten scored a personal record in each game so the community could try to break his high score later. All three minigames can be downloaded and played for free. Everybody who plays the map and enters their minimum time can take part in a competition organized by Gerolsteiner. You may also try your luck! 


Marcel, Honza, Phytexo, Totacky, ilibu, Jungermann