Wasteland becomes School

Industrial Wasteland becomes School Campus

In the school year 2019/2020, our team member Tilman Fukala took a gap year doing voluntary work at his former school, the Waldorf school Chemnitz. He helped in the classes and also supported the students in their leisure time.

Besides this, Tilman took advantage of the situation and designed a creative project in the course of the year. He connected his activities at school with his engagement as a game designer and rebuilt the school true to scale in Minecraft. He developed three different models that visualize the growth stages of his school around the years 1990, 2020, and 2030.

The Buildings

In the school area, you find several old and new buildings. Over the years, some older buildings have been renovated and reconstructed. A few houses have also been built up completely new. Some of them are to be seen here, partly in comparison with photographs of the real buildings.


Tilman Fukala aka FranjoSchnabel 

(Supported by Splekh, Honza, Maik Müller, Waldorfschule Chemnitz, ThomasESC, Ilibu)