The Machine


The Machine is a Minecraft puzzle map by SpielmitStil. It consists of over 100 levels and a custom soundtrack with 30 tracks. Three outstanding voice actors have lent their voices to the map. The map surprises with newly programmed mechanics, a deep story with three different endings, and many secrets. It has been developed over three years and is overall the biggest Minecraft puzzle platformer ever built.

Only for Minecraft Java Version 1.18.1
Older or newer versions will not work and will damage or destroy the map when opened.

Theme: Minecraft Puzzle Plattformer

Size: 819 MB

Playtime: 10 hours (1st end) to 70+ hours (100%)

What is The Machine about?

Our player character wakes up in a land completely foreign to him and is greeted by a woman named Oricha who introduces herself as the greatest engineer in the entire kingdom and enlightens him about his mission.

An all-devouring monster called Void once ravaged the entire kingdom and nearly the entire population fell victim to it. Fortunately, Oricha built the Clostrum, a machine that succeeded in imprisoning this monster. However, cracks are beginning to appear and parts of Void have already escaped.

Now it's up to the protagonist to avert the biggest disaster ever by helping to repair the machine with materials collected at each level.

But what is Void really about? What other survivors are there besides Oricha? Is she possibly trying to cover up other dark secrets? And how did the protagonist get to this land in the first place? Find out the truth and save the world!


The Machine is divided into nine different, large hub worlds in which the various levels are located, as well as a large final level that demands everything the player has learned.

The levels are mainly about solving puzzles with the help of newly interpreted Redstone mechanisms. For example, the player can mine and reposition Redstone, activating switches that in turn open or close gates of the same color. Cubes, pressure plates, Void blocks, resolution fields, and numerous other mechanics expand the gameplay and round off the puzzles in varied ways.

Also, a Boomerang that can attract all kinds of items to the player is one of the innovative game elements completely reprogrammed by TheRedstoneer to help the player solve the puzzles.

At the end of the map, two innovative boss fights test the player's skills in an epic finale.


SpielmitStil (Concept, Level design, Music, Plot)

TheRedstoneer (Mechanics, Programming)

Levon30 (Mechanics prototype)

Eisenbart, Pandasushaki, Naddel_, TheRedstoneer (Textures and Models)

Phytexo (Building support)

Voice Actors:

BlusWelt (Trailer and Teaser trailer)

Pixelbiester (Publication)