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Accidentally, we heard about the campaign "Saatguthilfe 2021" by the Eine-Welt-Haus Jena. We felt the need to help and decided to work on a project that depicts the topic.

In the first part, we want to show the destructive power of a whirlwind. You see a tornado that violently destroys fields and buildings. (In Nicaragua, there were two hurricanes but for us, the focus is on the symbolic meaning.) The picture is meant to be an eye-catcher and a wake-up call.

In the second half of the project, an idyllic alternative draft was created. You see a beautiful landscape with corn and bean fields and a little village in the middle. This idealized version is to convey the environmentally friendly character of a working agricultural community.

Destruction by climate change and whirlwinds

One effect of climate change is that the air mass over the oceans heats up faster and stronger. As a result, bigger whirlwinds carrying more water occur more often. We produced a video (in German) on the topic "climate change" a few years ago. The situation in Nicaragua proves that it is more than ever an issue. In November 2020, the two hurricanes Eta and Iota stroke Central America. Jena's partner region San Marcos was hit by the storms as well.

Not only infrastructure and residential buildings were destroyed. Especially the rural areas around the town were devastatingly damaged. The extremely heavy rains demolished between 70% and 90% of corn, bean, and sorghum plantings. Staple foods and economic bases of months were lost. Another disastrous consequence is the missing seeds for the 2021 sowing. Closer information (in German) can be found on the pages of Eine-Welt-Haus Jena.

How you can help

The fields around San Marcos may blossom again! Therefore, we have donated €1.000 for the campaign "Saatguthilfe 2021". If you also want to help, you can support the activities for the people in San Marcos by making an allowance. The account data are:

IBAN: DE 96 830 530 30 00000 30 600
Reference: Umweltprojekt – Saatguthilfe 2021, 
Grüße von den Pixelbiestern

Broadening of the Minecraft project

We would wish other people to take part in our project. You can create a little build and connect it with a donation. If you do so, send us pictures which we will share on our platforms.

Moreover, there was a little contest from 30 April to 2 May 2021.

Here you can get further information on this contest. 

Download of our map

As an inspiration for all Minecraft fans who are interested in the topic we offer our map for free.

The password for the download is: Nicaragua2021


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