game Sommerfest

The Challenge

The association of Germany’s game industry is simply called game. Each year they organize a summer party that usually takes place in real. But in 2020, Corona put a spoke in their wheel. That is why they decided to do it virtually. They wanted to present and discuss ten political claims in a live stream with politicians and experts.

They asked us to design and create a suitable surrounding. Their idea was to combine the political signal with a party-like atmosphere so they wanted us to build the German Reichstag on a fantasy beach.

We had about three weeks to realize the project.


We put up a server, consisting of three minigames and a lobby. Our focus was on the lobby and we tried hard to make the network shine in a consistent look. Therefore we created a resource pack with new block textures and block models. The Minecraft skins of the politicians and moderators were designed in the same style. All members got an optimized Minecraft shader from us.


The game had ten political demands which we placed visually at several points on the lobby map. In addition, we were asked to integrate publicity for the highly topical Corona app. We also included hints that alluded to the famous events "Computerspielpreis" and "Gamescom" which are organized annually by the game.

The ten claims are also visible at the entrance to the Reichstag building.

The Server

We joined the force of four high-capacity servers in order to provide maximum performance. This way it was possible to offer a platform for about 1.000 players at the same time. Our team set up the servers and developed appropriate plugins.

The server features several minigames that were partly being played in the stream. The little games served as entertainment for the visitors and allowed a shared playful finale of the event.

The Event

The following people took part in the event:

  • Thomas Jarzombek, member of the German Bundestag, agent for digital business and startups, co-ordinator for aerospace
  • Lars Klingbeil, member of the German Bundestag, general secretary of the SPD
  • Manuel Höferlin, member of the German Bundestag, chairman of the committee for digital agenda of the German Bundestag
  • Linda Kruse, deputy chairwoman of game / game designer and founder of the Good Evil GmbH Köln

Moderator of the event were Felix Falk, CEO of game, and influencer Maximilian Knabe, well-known in the gaming scene as "HandOfBlood".

You can watch the stream on game's website.


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