Damage Indicators ADD-ON

Customizable Damage Indicators

With these handy Damage Indicators, you'll never have to wonder how hard your arrow hit its mark, or how crispy the zombie outside your door is burning. With customization options spanning more than 2.000 possible combinations, you can personalize the look, motion, effect & sound of your indicators that will show on every living thing in your world. If it can be hurt, you'll know how much.

You can get the Add-On on the Minecraft Marketplace now!

Target Dummies

Damage Indicators also adds a range of configurable mob-inspired target dummies to test out your arrangement of effects or your physical strength. You can also interact with them to configure their protection level to reflect leather, iron, gold or diamond armor, or just to see how much you've hurt them already.


Mulcho, Sam McLaughlin, Bobi, FranjoSchnabel, ilibu, LukasLumbarda, Honza, Splekh