Advanced Dragons - DUNGEONS

A new look!

Advanced Dragons is back with a brand new look and dangerous adversaries. In this new adventure in the Advanced Dragons universe, you can conquer the vast lairs of five powerful Dragon Masters who have captured the Dragons of a faraway land. Many enemies lurk in the shadows to guard these unique and treacherous dungeons, each once built as a temple to worship one of the five dragons who is now kept there. And though their power is being used for evil, these dragons are gentle souls who will fight by your side and ride with you once you free them.

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The Dungeons

As the name suggests, the main focus of this map are the dungeons. All five of them are themed and designed to fit the aesthetic of the area it's built around and the dragon it represents. From fiery lava pits, over festering roots and flooded aqueducts, each of them offers its own interesting gameplay elements and a unique aesthetic. However, you should be warned and well-prepared before you enter, since they're afar from a cakewalk and may take quite some time to clear.

The Dragons

While all dragons are equally imposing, each of them fights differently. Once you free them from their cages deep in the dungeons, they will only need to hear the sound of a horn to follow and fight alongside you. They bite as well as any one of them, but their fiery breaths may not be fiery at all, but poisonous or something even more foul. You can also ride them just as always and even command them to shoot an elemental projectile to where you're aiming. It's no wonder that someone evil enough might seek to use their power. All the more you need to save these gentle guardians.


Bobi, Mulcho, Kindi, Brando, Lortenzia, Franjo, ilibu, LukasLumbarda, Honza