Advanced Dragons ARENA

The Project – Advanced Dragons ARENA

Ultimately, it was time to put the Advanced Dragons universe to another level. Two years ago, on our first Minecraft dragons map, we already placed an arena where you could fight against orcs. Now we thought that we should make this concept bigger. We wanted more than just an arena where you can fight against dragons, though. So we decided to build multiple arenas. One battlefield for each dragon. To unlock a dragon, you have to defeat it first.

You can get the map on the Minecraft Marketplace now!

The Arenas

There are 15 new arenas with different themes and thousands of wave fights. Each map is uniquely designed and guarded by a dangerous dragon boss. Do us a favor and write us your favorite arena in the comments section under the map trailer on YouTube. Take a look at all the arenas in the picture carousel underneath:

The Dragons

There are a lot of different dragon species many of which have been developed following players' wishes. Besides a sweet baby dragon, you can unlock 15 complex types of dragons.

To unlock a dragon, you have to defeat it in its arena. After winning against the dragon, you can spawn a dragon egg in the main hall of the base. It has to be cracked and opened with a hammer. The tamed dragon follows you and helps you to fight dangerous enemies. On the marketplace, you can buy upgrades for the dragon. You can get different armors, upgrades for speed, size, and attack damage as well as one to spit more fire.

Additionally, you have five options to color your dragon. All in all, there are thousands of combinations to create your personal dragon. And if you don't want the dragon to follow you, you even have a tool to make it stay seated.

The difficulties and game modes

It is possible to play the map in two difficulties, normal mode and hardcore mode. In normal mode, you will respawn some seconds after dying. You keep your progress, your unlocked dragons, and your items. You even have the possibility to give up. It is totally different in hardcore mode. If you die in hardcore mode, the map will be reset and you lose everything. This mode is definitely only for real professionals. 

Furthermore, there are three game modes. You can play Story Mode, Boss Mode, and Custom Mode. All of them are reachable through the portals in the main hall. 

New weapons

In addition to the existing Minecraft weapons, we wanted to add our own new and more powerful ones. But this time in 3D look! Collect dragon totems during Boss Mode to unlock them all!


ThomasESC, ilibu, Honza, FranjoSchnabel, Marcel, Splekh

22 March 2022