About us

We are the Pixelbiester, a build team, dedicated to create wonderful worlds with the little Minecraft blocks.


With our buildings and videos we would like to entertain you. We also want to encourage the YouTube community to build on their own.


Our main aim is to originate fascination, inspiration and motivation to spread the popularity of the rapidly developing scene.

Due to our well-organised team we are able to accomplish fascinating tasks within Minecraft without wasting any time. We are always open to be hired in order to bring your specific projects into life. All of our builders are highly motivated and experienced. Creating small as well as huge structures, sculptures and terrain design in different styles is no problem for us. We are proud to provide you with a bright portfolio of completed projects below.


Many exclusive maps can be purchased on the Chunkfactory.com store, run by the Pixelbiester team. We are working continuously on the development of the shop. If you want to be part of this process, there is some information on our shop website.


Some of our Minecraft maps:

Here you can see more Minecraft maps.

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